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JAM (Jesus And Me)
Wednesday, November 7th from 3:30—5:00 p.m.
 Dike Community Building
 Theme: “Kindness & Goodness” Ephesians 6:20
 Register: Contact Maureen Stockdale (319-231-9998) by Tuesday,
November 6th to register.

The Fredsville Youth Committee met in early October to discuss the future of the WinGS and JAM programs. They have grown substantially over the past few years. LuAnn Jones has announced that she will be retiring from the coordination/organization/leadership role of the WinGS program at the end of the current school year in May.
This prompted the Youth Committee to review the current programs and take a look forward to the opportunities that are ahead.

JAM—We want to thank all of the JAM helpers and leaders, especially Maureen Stock-dale, for their help on collaboration with Fredsville of this program. It has been a struggle for these children to attend JAM for another hour and one-half after a long school day. We’ve explored other options, but the Fredsville Youth Committee has decided that the JAM program will end of December 5th. We can all celebrate the work that has been done in the community to touch these young children with the Word of God.

WinGS—The Fredsville Youth Committee decided that we should try to continue the WinGS Program after LuAnn’s retirement. Please stay tuned for further information in the months ahead. Again, it is a pleasure to collaborate with Maureen and the Dike UMC in working together for the Christian Education of the JAM & WinGS programs.

JAM - Jesus & Me

(K-2nd Grade)

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