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Dike United Methodist Church has been sharing God's Glory for more than 100 years. The church was founded in 1900, the same year the town of Dike was established. Members of the church at Dairyville, a small settlement northwest of Dike moved to either Dike or Stout when the church at Dairyville was disbanded. Members of the church who followed the church to  Dike started meeting in the Townsend-Merrill and the Hagerman buildings for a short time.

During the summer of 1901, these members built a new church on the corner of Second and North Streets. The building was dedicated on September 29,1901, there were 48 members at the time. The first baptism and funeral took place during June of 1901 and the first wedding in December of that year.


In 1916, a modern basement was added to the church. Many laymen excavated the dirt for the addition. During this time period old horse sheds near the building were torn down. This was due to the fact that many of the church's members now drove automobiles to Sunday services.


During the depression of the 1920s and 30s, many sacrifices were made to keep the church running. In 1935, the church appealed to the community for funds, as the treasurer showed a debt of nearly $13,000. By prayer and sacrifice, the debt was cleared.


In 1950, Dike Methodist Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary.


During the first part of the decade Dike Methodist church became First Methodist Church of Dike.

Under the Leadership of Rev. Crum, plans for a new and larger church were developed. A large sum of money was willed to the church by Mr. A.P. Lorenzen. He had observed the growth of the church from its founding and had envisioned a new building before his death in

1963. Ground was broken on the new building in April of 1963 and a Service of Consecration was held in March of 1964. A bell tower and bulletin board were constructed outside the church entry. The bell tower holds the original bell which had been installed in the building at Second and North Streets.


In 1968, the United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church merged and the church was renamed Dike United Methodist Church.



In September of 1973, the last payment on a ten year note was paid. A dedication service for the building was held in December of the same year.



In 1991, New and brighter lighting was purchased for the church Sanctuary. It replaced lighting that had been in the church since the building was built in 1963.


During the summer of 1993, while Dike and the rest of Iowa was dealing with record flooding, a new peaked roof replaced the original flat roof of the building.

In 1994, Joe Arends left 320 acres of Grundy County farmland to the church. A special endowment fund was established with income from the farm. College scholarships have been given to graduating senior members with the proceeds from this fund. Camp scholarships are given each year for those attending camp.

A gift was willed to the church in 1998 and air conditioning was added to the Sanctuary. In the spring of 1998 the church's parking lot was paved.



Dike United Methodist Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary on September 24, 2000.


In 2015, the building was rededicated after a massive remodeling project. Crews worked for nearly four months to install new pews, lighting and sound system in the Sanctuary. The front and back walls of the Sanctuary were completely refurbished as well. The education wing of the church was also fitted out with new furniture. New flooring was also installed throughout the building.

As the church has progressed over the last 100 years, we look forward to the next 100 years. Dike United Methodist Church will continue to Love Like God and Live Like Jesus.

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